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Firefly Lights Up Door County!

After months of planning (and tasting wines!) over the winter and early spring, we finally opened May 28th.    Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us, purchased and sent us referrals so far!

We have been asked about the name frequently.  People get the Firefly part, but what is the “Outfitters” part all about?  Here’s a rough idea:  We’re located on the beautiful Door Peninsula, the “thumb” in the mitten that is Wisconsin.  The peninsula is served by 3 bridges (two of which were out of service at once this summer!)  The only other ways here is by boat or small plane, unless you feel like swimming.  Being a seasonal tourism area on a spit of land only a few miles wide, there is not a plethora of shopping choices for certain categories of things (e.g. Spanish Cava .)  And of course, the further north you are on the peninsula, the longer the drive to “civilization” with its bigger stores and correspondingly bigger selections.

And so we decided we could provide a service to far northern Door by selling some things that we, as year-round residents here, found to be lacking and/or inconvenient to seek out due to driving distances.

Here is what we can outfit you with:

Fine wines, spirits and beer.  Our wine selection is mainly comprised of old world wines– primarily Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.  We have a limited selection from the US, down under, and South America, since those are fairly easy to find here.  Most of our wines are under $20 with many under $15.  We have a range of very good sparkling wines for any budget, as well as many excellent Champagne choices.  We have a small selection of locally harder-to-find spirits, mead, cider and beer as well.  Having tasted almost all of it, we can say that there is not a bottle in the shop we would not take home and enjoy.

Many of our wines and beers are good for cellaring, unlike much of what you find in the grocery or big box stores.  We like to encourage our customers to build a handy “stash” and discounts are available on larger purchases.

We also make up gift baskets for personal and corporate giving.

Camping/preparedness items.  We carry freeze dried foods which are great to take camping or to have sitting in your pantry in case the power goes out– just add hot water and you have a tasty, nutritious meal.  We also carry things like emergency  candles (some meant specifically for boiling water), solar rechargeable LED lights, fire starting tools, and personal water filters.

Other items and services. You’ll see a little folk art and a few antiques for sale in our shop, including vintage oil (kerosene) lamps, ready to be used in emergency or out on the patio on a summer night.  A few of Jen’s handmade soaps, lotions, and other personal care items are for sale in the shop as well.

We are happy to make gift baskets up for you.  You can select the items you’d like to give, or tell us the ballpark dollar amount, and let us choose for you.

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